Valentine’s Day…please sod off! Sincerely, all Singletons

Oh just excellent!  It’s that most fabulous time of the year that all Singleton’s cant wait for…yes, that’s right Valentine’s day is fast approaching

To a singleton, Valentine’s Day is like being told you have the plague; everyone feels sorry for you, you get the sympathetic tilted heads, and the right empathetic noises…but nobody actually wants to get close to you, just in case it’s catching!

Now, some might argue that I am just jealous because I won’t have anyone buying flowers, chocolate or a card for me.  Whilst the latter is true nobody will be buying any of that stuff for me AGAIN this year, I am not jealous…the word I would use is contempt…I am full of contempt.

No, not contempt for the smug couples, who seem to be everywhere at this time of the year…contempt at being continually reminded by card manufacturers, and TV adverts of my total inability to be “normal” because of my shortcomings when it comes to relationships.  Do I really need to be reminded about this…I don’t think so, I already know, since I live with me!!

That’s right, Valentine’s Day is that most special day of the year, when, if you’re single like me and a million others, you’re made to feel like an ‘extra special’ kind of social pariah… who’s on an equal footing somewhere between Atilla the Hun and Hannibal Lecter!!

So Valentine’s Day, please sod off!

Yours sincerely

All Singletons

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