Snow causes havoc across the UK…apparently, I do too!

I love the snow, and always get excited when I know we’re going to get some.  I am also very aware of the havoc that it brings with it.

From untreated roads to no trains, this is what we have come to expect when all that’s happened is a couple of inches of the white stuff (no, not cocaine) has fallen from the sky.  How do places like Canada etc cope?  Oh, yes, that’s right…they just get on with it!

However, there is one saving grace with the snow, and that is it comes with it’s own warning, which is something that I clearly need.  Today has been a prime example of why…

I’ve had a load of snow dumped on my head when I was getting into my car, great start to my day.  I didn’t realise a load of it had also gone on the seat, so I spent the next 2 hours walking around with a wet bum.

I tried to get on the train and bashed my hand on the train door, I’m not quite sure what it had done to upset me?

When I took my coat off on the train I proceeded to hit the guy, who had let me sit next to him.  Following this I elbowed him when I was getting my phone out of my bag!  I then stood up trying to put my coat in the overhead luggage rack and almost ended up on his lap.  His face was slightly stunned when he asked  ”would you like me to do that for you?” clearly he valued his limbs, eyesight, life!

I skidded and slid all over the pavements in London…remember Bambi’s first steps on ice…yeah, he looked like an Olympic figure skater in comparison!

I watched a man have an enormous amount of snow dollop onto his head from one of the buildings. This would have been ok, had I not decided to have utter hysterics as he’s trying to wipe the snow off his head, and out of his face. I couldn’t even pretend it wasn’t me as I was the only other person on the pavement!

Finally on my way home I asked the guard on the train to unlock the toilet door, as I couldn’t get in…the guard opened the door and was greeted by some guy in the loo, who was totally unimpressed…turns out there were people in both!!  I’m not sure who was more mortified, the guard, me, or the guy in the loo! In my defence I had knocked both doors and got no response!!

I have come to the conclusion that I either need to come with a Government Health Warning, or I need locking up to keep the streets of Britain safe!

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