Elon Musk, the perfect boyfriend…potentially!

Oh my, oh my, oh my!!  I’m so excited…I think I might have just found the perfect boyfriend for me and, NO, I’m not talking about someone I made up…he’s actually real!!Step forward Mr Elon Musk, 41 year old, Thrillionaire (yes I had to look it up too!) who drives a Tesla Roadster Coupe, one of his many company cars, to work.  Divorced, hard working, stable, clearly solvent and, let’s face it, he’s kind of cute…so, what’s not to like?

Elon, is really quite amazing; from securing contracts with the US Government that will get supplies into orbit, launching the first private rocket into space to dock with the International Space station to co-founding the Tesla car company…too good to be true?  It does make him sound a little bit like a baddie found in Die Hard, doesn’t it?

Does it put me off him?  Are you joking?  Not a chance, that’s part of the thrill…wondering if he will turn out to be a bit of a badass, or whether he is the perfect gentleman that he seems…either way I’m slightly enamoured by Mr Musk.

Another bonus…He has stated publicly that he is looking for a girlfriend…well, look no further Elon, I’m right here.  The fact you live in the US is just a small, insignificant detail, I’m happy to relocate

As of today, I have set myself a new mission, to meet with my very own version of “Mark Darcy,” and for him to believe that I am totally amazing, thereby falling completely and utterly in love with me…I can’t see a problem with this myself!!

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